Saturday, April 24, 2010

ananse and donkey

In this story, Ananse tricks his friend Donkey into acting like his slave to win the love of a girl that Donkey wants to marry. Here's Zoo Boy's depiction of that scene.

Then Ananse pretended to be sick, and convinced Donkey to stay and watch over his house while he went to seek medical help, and if he didn't return in a year, Donkey could have his house and marry the girl. Of course, by then, Ananse had already married the girl and taken her far away, so Donkey never saw either of them again. This is J's drawing of Ananse acting sick. J didn't like this story when i told it -- he cried at the end in sympathy for poor broken-hearted Donkey. I expected some angst during our recall the following day, but he surprised me by seeming OK with it, like he'd come to terms with Donkey's loss.

My drawing, same scene that Zoo Boy drew.

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