Saturday, April 17, 2010

ananse talks to his house

In our last story of the week, Leopard hides in Ananse the Spider's house, waiting to ambush and eat him. Ananse, being the clever spider that he is, knows that Leopard has it in for him, so calls to his house as tho he expects it to talk back to him. When the house doesn't talk back, Ananse claims that, if the house is going to be so rude, he'll go spend the night at Eland's house. In desperation, Leopard pretends she's the house and talks to Ananse, thus revealing herself. This first drawing is J's.

The story ends by Ananse dashing through the window and hiding up in a corner of the room out of Leopard's reach (and explains why his children and grandchildren, etc, now all hide in corners of ceilings in houses). Zoo Boy chose to draw this part of the story.

My drawing.

That's it for this week, but the kids are already chomping at the bit to get started with more Ananse stories next week! We may read one tomorrow to get a jump on it -- we're on "break" from Monday Homeschool classes, because it's school vacation week in this area and the museum we use for our classes will be open to the public instead. So we get a longer than normal "school week" this week, and will take full advantage of it to bring the kids more Ananse stories!

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