Friday, April 16, 2010

ananse saves mouse

In this story, our friend Ananse the Spider finds Mouse pinned down under a furry paw (as depicted here by Zoo Boy) and about to become King Lion's dinner. Ananse inquires how this happened, and Mouse tells him that King Lion was caught in a pit and promised not to eat her if she helped rescue him. So she tied a rope to a tree, tossed it into the pit, and of course King Lion grabbed her the minute he pulled himself out. (He is, after all, King Lion!)

Ananse asked King Lion to demonstrate, so he let go of Mouse and jumped back into the pit. (He might be King, but I'm tellin' ya, the dude is a little short on brains.) Of course, Mouse ran off. You can see her tail as she makes her escape off the page of J's drawing. (I love his overhead perspective!)

So Ananse wished King Lion luck at getting out of the pit on his own this time (my drawing, at left) and went on his way searching for dinner, having both played a trick and done a good deed all at once.

I'm with the kids on this -- these stories are FUN!

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