Friday, April 30, 2010

rabbit and the corn bins

We managed to eek in one last Trickster Tale at the end of this week amongst all the chaos of me not being here much. This story did not involve our favorite spider, Ananse, but instead was about a sneaky friend of his, Rabbit. Rabbit manages to trick his friends into leaving him unattended with their corn bins, and of course he ate all the corn and filled the bins instead with gravel. Here's J's drawing of that in progress.

When all the animals return to find their bins empty, they decide to go to sleep and wait for the moon to arise, as surely she would shine first on the guilty party. So ol' Rabbit asked Squirrel to sleep next to him, and when the moon beam hit them, he rolled out of the way, leaving everyone to think that Squirrel did it. Not nice, Rabbit! Here's Zoo Boy's drawing of that scene.

And here's my drawing, of the animals discovering their gravel-filled corn bins.
That's it for Tricksters for us, at least for now. We may revisit a few of these sorts of stories before the end of our school year, simply because we all love them so much!

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