Saturday, April 3, 2010

keva craze

A new session of our Monday Homeschool Classes began this week, and in addition to my Pioneering Days class, the boys are taking a class called "Keva Creations", which is an opportunity to build with Keva Planks (I linked to the website there if you want to go check out what these things are -- in short they are small maple planks with endless building possibilities). They enjoyed the class very much (this first class had a "tower" theme), and we surprised them this week with their own set of Kevas as a "welcome Spring" gift.

Zoo Boy enjoyed messing around with the planks in class and building simple projects with them, but it was J whose imagination was swept away by them. Enjoy the following pictures of all the building that's been going on around here this week!


emmadad said...


This is Ken Scheel, the owner of KEVA planks. I loved seeing the things your are building. Nice job. If you would like more ideas for your KEVA class, go to the website and click on the TEACHER tab at the top. Choose STEM and you will see a PDF with challenges and activities.

Have fun. Build a Mind!

PS. We homeschooled all of our children and raised sheep and goats too. Thank you for sharing your KEVA experience with the world.

Best Regards,


Harvest Mom said...

Thanks, Ken! The boys were excited to hear from you, and to find out that you homeschooled your kids too! I think the truly wonderful thing about technology is how much closer it brings our world -- we can post about your product, and you are notified and can respond back. Really, really cool, it personalizes it for us. So thanks for writing!