Sunday, April 11, 2010

The start of something big!

Look whose got a new bike! (Thanks Auntie A and cousin A!)

And who is taking the first steps to learn how to ride without training wheels!

Go, Zoo Boy, go! Soon you'll be able to keep up with J!


Anonymous said...

way to go!! Peanut just got a new bike and I am toying with the idea of removing those training wheels. Make my heart pound a little too hard!

michelle grimes kindig said...

We took the training wheels off and the pedals off. This gives the kids a chance to practice balancing and coasting. They told us when they were ready to put the pedals on. It took Annie a few weeks and Emerson only about a week to request the pedals on and there has been no turning back...
My kiddos got new bikes last week too...spring is in the air!

Harvest Mom said...

Michelle, we started out that way too, a couple of years ago. Last year he was ready for the pedals, but his leg strength/coordination was so poor that he couldn't balance and pedal at the same time. So we spend the last year working on pedaling, which he's now got down, so he's finally ready to combine the two.

Hooray for new bikes! (And spring!!)