Friday, April 30, 2010

more from The Man's turn at the helm

In addition to the Keva class (see the previous post), the Map Man also trucked the boys to baseball class, which was held indoors this week, due to the lovely (NOT!) New England Spring weather. (It was about 35 degrees and kept taking turns snowing, sleeting, and raining -- it was a delight to be outside in it for three days. Ahem. Not. So, SO not!)

Here's Zoo Boy playing tee ball in the gym while J looks on from above.
They used wiffle balls rather than the usual teeball baseballs due to the indoor venue.

He also trucked the kids across the state to get to J's nature center class on vernal pool. While J was in class, Zoo Boy enjoyed playing in the long house in the nature center with his friend B.

And look what we have had hatching out all week! Of the 13 fertile eggs in the incubator, 11 of them hatched. And we're holding out hope for one more, he's TRYING to get out of there -- I don't believe in helping them out, they need to have enough energy to make it through hatching naturally, otherwise you're just setting yourself up for problems down the road. One egg for sure does not have a live duckling in it, and we all keep threatening each other with breaking that egg (ew!). We're a fun family!

Anyway, hopefully it'll be an even dozen by the time all is said and done. And then we start with a new batch of duck eggs on Monday!

Ok, so technically this didn't happen on The Man's watch, but figured I'd toss it in here rather than giving it it's own post, since I'll be multi-posting today. So here's the kids' journals from this week. Hopefully if you click on J's you can get a larger version where you can actually read what he wrote and learn all about fairies!

Zoo Boy is back to writing about Pokemon. Oh well, at least he's enthusiastic about the journals!

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