Saturday, April 24, 2010

ananse's path

In this story, Ananse steals Squirrel's corn field, justifying it by saying that there is no path to the field(and who has ever heard of such nonsense!). So he has his family make their own path from his house to the field, then sets them all to harvesting the corn. Here's J's picture, of Ananse taking it easy and resting while his family does all the work.

Of course, Squirrel is hopping mad, and he takes Ananse to court. Unfortunately for Squirrel, the judge rules in Ananse's favor, for who ever heard of such nonsense as having a field with no path to it? Clearly it's Ananse's field, because the path leads to his house. Zoo Boy drew the court scene, that's the judge (with a gavel and everything) on the left.

So Ananse and family harvested the rest of the corn. But before they could get it home, it started raining and they abandoned it on the path and fled for home. When Ananse returned later, he found Crow sheltering the corn with his wings and thanks him for saving it -- until Crow flies off with the corn. Because who ever heard of such nonsense as leaving corn lying on a path unattended? (My picture -- note Squirrel hiding behind the tree laughing -- that's J's favorite part of the story!)

One more trickster tale to go -- we'll do at the end of this coming week, we're ''off" on a mini school vacation for the first half of the week. I hope our sage story for this unit is as well received as the trickster tales have been!

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