Friday, April 9, 2010

catching up on journals

Ok, bad Mommy, I haven't posted the kids' journal entries for three (eek!) weeks! So here's me being good and finally doing it.

This first one by J is a reflection on the kids' current interest in all things spy-related. This is a schematic and explanation about how to run proper foot surveillance. Knock yourself out.

I surprised the boys with new hard-covered journals. J was thrilled, but wanted to make sure that his previous journal entries weren't lost.

This weeks' journal entry. I guess we've decided that one page is not enough, so from now on he'll have a page to draw on (the left side of the book) and a page to write on. The kid just has a lot of things to tell his readers about! To say he's taken well to journaling is a vast understatement.

Zoo Boy, on the other hand, continues his merry romp through Poke-land (or wherever it is that Pokemon come from). Hey, he's drawing and writing with absolutely no resistance, so I'm going with it!! And a journal, after all, is for whatever you want to put down. Let's face it, Pokemon are darned important to him!

Predictably, the Boy wanted nothing to do with his fancy new journal, insisting on continuing with his old one. (We've got the same problem with the bike he's quite obviously outgrown....) He gets attached to things -- we know this about him. I was the same way when I was a kid (I still am a little!), so I can relate. It's part of who he is, so, again, we go with it.

Eek, indeed! Wouldn't want to meet this in a dark alley....

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