Saturday, April 24, 2010

wool festival

I'm sorry about the glut of posts again, but you can take your time reading through them, other than one more post for tomorrow, I'll be post-free for a few days!

Today we took the boys to the local wool festival, which we always enjoy! Here they are watching the sheepdog trials. The weather was PERFECT for the festival -- bright and sunny and not too hot or too cold. Just an absolutely gorgeous spring day.

The boys and the Map Man check out some of the sheep. You'd think they'd get enough of looking at sheep here at home, wouldn't you? But apparently there's something intrinsically exciting about someone else's sheep. As for me, I was happy to shop while they stared at sheep. I got some supplies for my classes, a great little frame-type loom, and a supply of goat's milk soap -- score!!

The boys play a game at the "kids corner" booth.

The boys' favorite part of the festival -- ox cart rides!

Checking out a 4-H club's display, which included live angora goats and angora rabbits. J thought the rabbits were really cute. Zoo Boy (who very verbally wants his own rabbit, but made it quite clear that it needed to have short hair, not a bunch of wool to have to brush and take care of) was more partial to the goats, which has always been the case with him. The only surprising thing was him not asking me if we could get one. Of course, it helped that these goats were all owned and adored by 4-H kids.

(Psst, don't tell him, but we'll be setting up an enclosure specifically for goats this summer, so goats really ARE in his future. We let him raise a couple of them several years ago, when he was much younger, and he really did enjoy it. But I don't want him knowing about our plans until I'M ready for goats again!)


The Labradors said...

Goats????? You know I will have to come over, I have not given up on the get a goat project here at my house. I"m trying to convince the Al that if we get a baby goat we can raise it with the dogs and it will hang out with them in the yard, hmmm, in theory that is what I am thinking.

Christine said...

Yay!! Goats!